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Welcome! My name is Monica, Creative Director and Owner of Grazefull. This idea came into fruition when I was inspired by the beautiful platters ubiquitous in Australia. As a Student-Dentist, I have an appreciation for health sciences, and as a lefty + Virgo, Grazefull allows me to get my creative juices flowing and merge it with the local, wholesome Bay Area food I grew up with. 

With California's unique Mediterranean climate that provides a selection of various agriculture, our Grazefull indulgers can expect to enjoy only the freshest and highest quality produce. With this platform, I also hope to encourage and educate our customers to be health- and eco-conscious. After all, we only have two homes:

our body and planet Earth. 

Thank you for checking out Grazefull and for supporting a small, local woman-run business. 

I would love to meet you and serve up a GrazeFULL plate of deliciousness!

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