NOTICE: As of June 19, 2021, we are only accepting orders for char-CUTE-rie for July 4. This will be our last day fulfilling orders until we transition through changes. Click here to place an order. 

We will continue to update our socials as more information becomes available & thank you for your understanding during this exciting time of change. Missed our announcement? Read about it here!

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M A D E - T O - O R D E R 

We serve the freshest & highest quality ingredients for you and your special guests by focusing on premium artisan California cheeses and sourcing ingredients from local Bay Area shops daily

L O C A L L Y  C R A F T E D 

All of our products are thoughtfully crafted and artisanally made in San Jose, CA, USA

S M A L L  S H O P 

Grazefull Bay Area, LLC is licensed, insured, and permitted under the County of Santa Clara

S O C I A L  G O O D

5% of every order is donated to our local Feeding America, Second Harvest Food Bank of Silicon Valley to help fight hunger and food insecurity

W O M A N - O W N E D  &   O P E R A T E D

Grazefull Bay Area is a proudly woman-of-color founded, owned, and operated small business serving all of the South Bay Area to San Francisco & Oakland

E C O - F R I E N D L Y 

We are dedicated to making our ecological footprint as small as possible by using minimal and plastic-free packaging for customers and while we shop, buying bulk, and shopping locally. This is a small list of the ways we aim to be eco-conscious and build towards a more sustainable future



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