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M A D E  T O  O R D E R 

We serve the freshest & highest quality ingredients for you and your special guests by focusing on premium artisan California cheeses and sourcing ingredients from local Bay Area shops daily

L O C A L L Y  C R A F T E D 

All of our products are thoughtfully crafted and artisanally made in San Jose, CA, USA

S M A L L  S H O P 

Grazefull Bay Area, LLC is licensed, insured, and permitted under the County of Santa Clara

S O C I A L  G O O D

5% of every order is donated to our local Feeding America, Second Harvest Food Bank of Silicon Valley to help fight hunger and food insecurity

W O M A N  O W N E D  &   O P E R A T E D

Grazefull Bay Area is a proudly woman-of-color founded, owned, and operated small business serving all of the South Bay Area to San Francisco & Oakland

E C O  F R I E N D L Y 

We are dedicated to making our ecological footprint as small as possible by using minimal and plastic-free packaging for customers and while we shop, buying bulk, and shopping locally. This is a small list of the ways we aim to be eco-conscious and build towards a more sustainable future




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